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Professional Testimonials for Parasol Academic Editing

" I found Parasol to be a welcome source of support during an arduous process of getting my journal article ready for publication.  I was able to streamline my work in ways I had not imagined, and I was very grateful that this service was there to ensure that my manuscript met journal requirements to the letter. "
-- Doctoral Student, Earth Sciences, Stanford University

Parasol Academic Editing was very easy to work with and responsive to my needs.  We were able to communicate and coordinate quite effectively online despite our very different time zones.  As a non-native English speaker, I appreciated the way Dr. Solorzano helped bring my journal articles in line with standards for English expected by editors, and he also helped identify and address important elements in my argument that needed to be stronger.  We were able to complete several articles in a short time.  I would recommend Parasol Academic Editing to non-native and native speakers alike.
-- Assistant Professor, Communications, Abu Dhabi University

"Ramon's insightful and strategic editing made my book manuscript more readable and less redundant.  Having worked with several editors in the past, I found Ramón has an outstanding ability to pay attention to detail while never losing sight of the overall thesis.  Aside from the great work that he did with some preliminary drafts of my book, I think it is important to mention how easily Ramón navigates two different worlds: English and Spanish.  He not only corrected a number of my translations, but made them flow wonderfully throughout the text."
–– Assistant Professor, Historian, University of Massachusetts-Amherst


"I highly recommend Parasol Academic Editing. I was provided with a truly excellent working experience! Dr. Solórzano's suggestions for my dissertation were honest and substantive.  He worked promptly and meticulously on polishing the form, grammar, and flow of my dissertation in ways that  heightened the readability and overall quality  of my work. He was readily available to speak with me day or night, performing as a professional teammate well into the eleventh hour of what had been a slow and bewildering process prior to his involvement.  I was very pleased to have my dissertation win the Distinguished Dissertation designation from my university.  Thank you, Ramón –  you are certainly my choice for articles I am preparing for publication."
–– Former Doctoral Candidate, Anthropologist, State University of New York at Albany

"Dr. Solórzano's proofreading and editing was instrumental in ensuring that my student's dissertation manuscript would meet the requirements of my department's citation style and the formatting requirements of the Graduate School at my university.  His ability to improve English usage in the writing of my international student was also greatly appreciated."
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Parasol greatly facilitated the final stages of my Ph.D. dissertation. The work done to make the dissertation well structured and compliant proved to be rewarding and a sound investment.  I continue to use the services of Dr. Solórzano for several publications generated from my dissertation work. Ramón is a real professional with great communication skills and the ability to tackle a wide range of writing projects."
–– Assistant Professor, Chemist, Keene State College

"I have been working with Ramón for over two years. Our conversations have always been productive and enjoyable. I particularly appreciate the detailed questions he raises before editing my manuscript. He immediately captures the essence of my arguments and offers specific suggestions for improvement in both the framing of my thesis and structure of my manuscript. I also appreciate his dedication to minute detail, as well as his patience and flexibility in working around my deadlines."
–– Assistant Professor, Historian, University of Notre Dame

My experience with Parasol Academic Editing has been a refreshing one. As any Ph.D. student working on their dissertation will confess, addressing multiple and often contradictory comments and feedback from committee members can be frustrating and grueling. I contacted Parasol Academic Editing when I needed professional help to tune up my writing and complete my dissertation on schedule. As a non-native English speaker, I have found Parasol's meticulous attention to detail to be a great resource. Ramón Solórzano’s concern for my academic success shines through in his refreshing comments and quick response to my emails and phone calls. I definitely intend to engage Parasol to work on developing my dissertation into a book manuscript. Without reservation and hesitation, I strongly recommend Parasol Academic Editing to graduate students and new PhDs involved in the academic writing ritual.
–– Former Doctoral Candidate, Political Scientist, University of Massachusetts-Amherst